Lemnos is a unique island which attracts visitors with a variety of interests. It is somewhere you can take part in activities and have fun, but it’s also a great place to relax in peace and  tranquillity. Everyone who visits has their own unique holiday, but the one thing they all have in common is that they want to come back and discover everything they missed out on in their first trip!

Lemnos means sun, rejuvenation and inspiration beside the deep blue of the Aegean Sea.

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Our self-contained, furnished residences at Anemolia have all the information you need to make your stay on our island wonderful and unforgettable!

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Our crystal clear waters and the island’s countless golden beaches.


The island’s traditional cuisine with its delicious pasta dishes such as flomaria with cockerel, autoudia with grapemust and cheese, its special cheeses such as kalathaki and melichloro, the fresh fish (always accompanied by sweet wine -the locals will be happy to recommend the best wine for whichever dish you have chosen), and the special local sweets, such as the traditional venizelika and samsades. Lemnos has a lively culinary tradition and a great atmosphere, and you’ll have lots of opportunities to try all the delicious local products.


The island’s traditions and history  which you can explore in the Archaeological Museum in Myrina, the imposing Castle, the Art Gallery in Kontias, the archaeological site at Kaveri, Ancient Hephaestia, the petrified forest and many more historical sites.


Lemnos is proud :

Its well-kept vineyards and its wineries with their family traditions where you can go on a guided tour to learn the secrets of winemaking and, of course, the unique local wines which you can sample in wine-tasting lessons.


All the activities for water sports enthusiasts who are inspired by the Lemnos sea to combine the joy of discovery with an unparalleled opportunity to wonder at the beautiful landscape. If you head for Keros, Evgati and Richa Nera, you’ll find plenty of activities you can join in with.


The hiking routes, where visitors can come “face to face” with the island’s rocky, volcanic landscape. One of the best trails will take you to Panagia Kakaviotissa on Mount Kakkavos, and if you go in the late afternoon you’ll see nature at its most  majestic.


The reinvigorating trips and excursions you can enjoy on the island, such as a visit to Kotsina with the picturesque Zoodochos Pigi church and the Statue of Maroula, the Ammothines mini



Lemnos means sun, rejuvenation and inspiration beside the deep blue of the Aegean Sea.

Aυτόνομες Eπιπλωμένες Kατοικίες Λήμνος

Self-contained furnished accommodation in Lemnos

Our self-contained, furnished accommodation in Anemolia is the perfect place for you to spend you holiday in a beautiful and comfortable environment. You will be entranced by the stunning sea and mountain views, and all residences are fully equipped with every modern comfort. Our aim is to make your holiday with us everything you have been dreaming of.


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